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  • August 4, 2015

AtPac was founded in 1984 to meet the rapidly growing need for technology consulting and services to state and local government - with a focus on the preservation and automation of land records and the security of land ownership. Over 10 years ago, we leveraged that expertise to expand into the broader document and imaging management arenas. Our strong core values emphasize commitment to customers, teamwork and the search to bring the benefits of evolving technology to our government customers and the public they serve.
AtPac's Clerk Recorder Imaging Information system (CRiis™) is robust, scalable and widely used in counties with populations as low as twenty thousand to those with over 1 million residents. Optional modules like AutoDex™, help turn the manual data entry portion of document indexing into a more automated data verification process while delivering efficiencies of over 40%. The OldBook Library module allows our customers to reclaim valuable office real estate and vastly improve customer service by allowing web-based retrieval of digitized images from microfilm & microfiche by Book & Page reference.
We have a dedicated image conversion division that manages the digital conversion and indexing of records stored on paper, film and fiche. AtPac's Asset Manager™ module captures all of the pertinent information about your records and provides both a complete chain of custody log during the conversion project and an inventory control system you can manage yourself after the project.
  • I.D.™ Shield/Redaction
  • Electronic document recording (from Title Company to Recorder)
  • Fee Collection & Fund Accounting (POS for any city or county department)